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Letter: ECHDC errors and changes are to blame at Canalside

ECHDC errors and changes are to blame at Canalside

Sam Hoyt’s suggestion that DiPizio Construction was removed from the Canalside project because of quality issues is inconsistent with his and Tom Dee’s testimony in the preliminary injunction hearing. Both Dee and Hoyt admitted that there are no issues with the quality of the construction done to date.

This case is about project delays, not workmanship. Specifically, Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. admitted that they made design errors and numerous design changes at key times in the project. It is our contention that these errors and changes, along with the way the contract was administered, caused the project delays.

State Supreme Court Judge Timothy J. Walker denied our motion for a preliminary injunction because he found that there was a contract provision that allows DiPizio Construction to sue for monetary damages, but not for injunctive relief.

DiPizio Construction intends to vigorously continue its lawsuit for monetary damages against ECHDC.

Michael E Ferdman

Hiscock & Barclay

Attorneys for DiPizio Construction Co.