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Letter: U.S. needs to enforce immigration policies

U.S. needs to enforce immigration policies

Our politicians are telling us our immigration system is broken and we need to grant more advantages to those who violated our borders and laws. The current plan is to create a military surge at the Mexican border while sending the welcome wagon to illegal aliens who are already here. This sounds like former President Ronald Reagan’s amnesty, which resulted in the current invasion of illegal immigrants.

Did it ever occur to our politicians that the old immigration system of treating everyone the same worked fine until they stopped enforcing it? The very idea of changing our language, laws and customs to accommodate illegal foreign nationals against the best interests of our own people is unbelievable. This is not the only issue where national policy has been parlayed to benefit foreign interests over those of our country. Is it going to take rioting in the streets before our legislators get the message that they are supposed to be representing “we the people”?

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park