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Letter: There is no logical way to rationalize abortion

There is no logical way to rationalize abortion

On June 17, our family welcomed our new grandson Nathan. Nathan means “a gift from God.” As I held him for the first time and was in awe of his sleeping eyes, tiny nose, mouth and perfect little ears, he pushed his brand new feet out of the bunting. I stared at them and wondered where he would walk the earth to make a difference.

My joy was turned to sadness when I thought of the many, many babies who were never given the opportunity to be born and to make that difference in the world because of abortion. It doesn’t matter to me how anyone rationalizes the reason why abortion should be legal. Life is a gift from God. A baby in the womb is defenseless, and until the conscience of America realizes that abortion is murder, there will continue to be other little “Nathans” who will never have the chance to push their little feet out of the bunting to walk the earth and make a difference.

Delphine Levesque