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Letter: Corasanti shouldn’t be granted privileges

Corasanti shouldn’t be granted privileges

I couldn’t agree more with a recent letter writer. It was a sad day for health consumers in Western New York to learn that Kaleida Heath has granted privileges to Dr. James G. Corasanti, a man who, in my opinion, is totally lacking in moral compass and conscience. I sincerely hope the Catholic Health System will not extend privileges to him.

Health consumers should fully read the Office of Professional Medical Conduct Order Number 12-154 concerning this man at There are a number of requirements Corasanti must comply with in order to practice medicine in New York State. He must be supervised by a qualified health care professional while in practice. All functions as a physician must be closely monitored by a practice supervisor. He is subject to random and unannounced blood, breath and urine screens. During the first 12 months, he will be required to meet with a sobriety monitor and is required to be substance screened six times per month. He is required to attend ethics training.

Corasanti got out of jail for “good behavior” after serving only a portion of his sentence. Does the Rice family get any time off for good behavior? Corasanti got to go home, kiss his wife and hug his child. Does the Rice family get to hug Alix? No, they get to visit a grave site.

Kay V. Adamczak