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Wendy Schreiner: You write your resume every day

Someone once said to me, “Every day you write your resumé.”

I believe she had heard this from one of her college professors at some point. We were co-workers at Bryant & Stratton College’s Southtowns campus. It was in the 1990s, and the college was located above the Valu Store on Abbott Road in Lackawanna. A few former colleagues there still help to make the educational process a smooth transition for many.

Many people walked through the school’s door with hopes, dreams and aspirations to become more, to learn and to get educated in a field that they hoped would land them a career .

I was hired to be the receptionist. In time, I was promoted to the position of admissions coordinator. I thoroughly enjoyed being a receptionist and interacting positively with the students. I believe that some may have benefited from my friendly smile upon their entrance into the building.

Along with being a worker, I attended classes in their Travel and Tourism and Medical Secretarial programs. Here I learned from the instructors and other students. My poetry appeared in the school’s literary journals. This was a great feeling. As the admissions coordinator, I started a newsletter titled “Admission’s Aspirations” to promote team spirit. Everyone is an individual and has something unique to offer. I look back with fond memories of these years.

There were many people to learn from and to interact with. Of course, there were students. Varying in ages, some were straight out of high school while others were looking for something more, perhaps a career change.I must say that this was one of my favorite places to work as I am a huge proponent of lifelong learning. I believe you can never know too much.

The lady who told me that “every day you write your resumé” is still striving for bigger and better goals. I know this because I have run into her at civil service examinations in the past. Every few years we try to get together with a few others who have also moved on in their career paths. To this day, I can count on her for a great recommendation as we worked side by side with common outcomes in mind. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with some of them; others are on Facebook or just a phone call away. A few I wish I still had contact with.

It’s great to reminisce about the many people from that educational institution who have affected our lives for the better. I recently came to find out that one of the English professors attends my mother’s place of worship. It really is a small world. He wrote a genuinely kind letter of recommendation for me, which I still have. When I need a lift, it does the job.

You never know whose path you will cross and who might help you advance professionally toward your ultimate goal.