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Letter: Do a little research before buying tickets

Do a little research before buying tickets

The recent letters regarding the offensiveness of “The Book of Mormon” prompt me to ask the writers: Do you not know what you are buying before you pay for it?

A quick Google search of the show would have told them that the writers’ claim to fame is “South Park,” a Comedy Central series that, when it first aired in 1997, my preteen son was not allowed to watch because of its questionable content.

They could have surfed the Web to listen to or read the lyrics of the songs and would have found that they were not their cup of tea. In all my years of going to the theater, I have never spent money on something for which I did not have an inkling of the plot or content. Have I been surprised? Yes, but never as blind-sided as the writers of those letters were.

The arts – all of them – are about self-expression. If they were appealing to all of the people all of the time, they would just be boring. I can only imagine how many people would have loved to have their tickets. Next time: caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

Beverly McKim