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Letter: GOP only supports entitlements for rich

GOP only supports entitlements for rich

Here we go again. Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to kill the Farm Bill not because of exorbitant subsidies to already wealthy farmers, but because the massive $20.5 billion cut to food stamps was too small. They are holding out for a complete removal of the food stamp program. Those mostly affected would be the working poor, especially kids and the elderly who rely on the supplement to eat. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked if she felt that these Republicans voted no because they were politically afraid of primary challenges from even more conservative members or perhaps just morally bankrupt. She responded, no, that she felt they just don’t believe in government. Period.

Her argument doesn’t hold water. For that concept to be true, then the Republicans would not only be trying to gut “entitlements” like food subsidies, voting rights, immigration reform, health care, infrastructure and women’s issues, they would also be going after wealthy farmers, big oil subsidies and out-of-control military spending, which, by the way, also happen to be government sponsored “entitlements.” They just aren’t directed at the poor. They are directed at making the rich richer.

Their hypocrisy is breathtaking. There is no consistency in their anti-government stance if they continue to dole out government-sponsored billions to already wealthy constituents while they continue their quest to harm the poor. Last I remember, Jesus chased rich money-lenders out of the temple, not the working poor, old folks and hungry kids.

Stephen F. Saracino