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Letter: Religious schools play important role

Religious schools play important role

As a recent News editorial rightly claimed, “Religious schools are an important part of our educational equation” and families choosing to send their children to parochial schools should not expect public funding to subsidize religious schools.

Due to struggles my grandson faced in his previous home environment, I have taken on the responsibility of his care and well-being. There are many families who, like me, have lived in the City of Buffalo for a long time and choose to stay despite the attractiveness of a higher-quality public education available in some neighboring districts.

Unfortunately, economic hardships faced by many today significantly limit the number of families who can afford to exercise alternatives to the free public educational system. Encouraging more private donations to nonprofit organizations that provide tuition scholarships for students to enroll in private, religious and out-of-district public schools make sense and would allow more families like mine to stay in the city we know and love without seeking public funding to do so.

Colleen Milette

North Tonawanda