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Letter: Let’s step up efforts to spay/neuter cats

Let’s step up efforts to spay/neuter cats

Kudos to Arthur Robinson who heart-trapped 14 stray kittens in his Buffalo neighborhood, took them to be sterilized and released them to where he found them.

Two unaltered cats and their offspring can produce up to 450,000 unwanted, homeless cats in just seven years. Therefore, Robinson alleviated the suffering of potentially 3 million more cats!

Animal exerts nationwide agree that trap/spay/neuter and release is the most effective, humane option to control the feral cat population.

Other citizens who want to step up and help be part of the solution can also obtain $10 spay/neuter for ferals from or Your $10 will be subsidized by Maddie’s Fund to cover the sterilizations.

Please help curb the birth of feral kittens. I have; it takes effort, but it is very worthwhile.

Beverly Jones