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Letter: America should not intervene in Syria

America should not intervene in Syria

Recently there is talk out of Washington that we should intervene in Syria. We hear about the need to institute a no-fly zone, arm the rebels and the dreaded phrase: take military action. It still amazes me that after all our interventions – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan – we still have the Dick Cheneys of this world beating the war drum. When is enough, enough?

Take a stroll past the Vietnam Memorial and look at the 58,000-plus names engraved in black marble. Then visit Walter Reed Hospital and explain to the disabled veterans why we need to intervene in Syria. Finally, if the Washington elite are so set on another intervention, let’s be all-inclusive. Let’s do what we did in Vietnam – bring back the draft and let everyone serve. The politicians’ sons and daughters, the 2 percent of this country, the college graduates, the privileged and the elite – let them all participate. Let’s all go to war together.

Sure you would still have your Cheneys, who never serve, but it would be more inclusive. It wouldn’t be mostly the poor and middle-class parents waiting at the airports for their loved ones to come home. If our politicians’ sons and daughters were headed for Parris Island and Fort Dix for infantry training, the war talk would cease immediately.

Phil Ryan

Vietnam veteran

West Seneca