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Letter: Church must speak against immorality

Church must speak against immorality

In response to the letter, “Church should join the 21st century,” it is the church’s mission to teach. It is the obligation of bishops, priests, religious and laity to teach and speak out against immorality.

“We are already awash in abused and hungry children. Where is the sanity and compassion?” asks the writer, apparently unconcerned that the thing she considers sane, compassionate and a woman’s right is the most heinous form of child abuse ever committed, and we are indeed awash in it.

One out of every three babies conceived in New York State dies from abortion. That’s not enough? The unspeakable crimes against humanity just uncovered in the Gosnell horror chambers made not a dent in the consciences of those who clamor for unrestricted access to abortion, supposedly to codify the federal law enacted in Roe v. Wade, which muffled all states’ laws regarding abortion. Forget compassion. There is a pragmatic aspect to all this “equality.” If Roe v. Wade is overturned, New York would have its own Roe, and would be the very lucrative abortion magnet of the nation.

Yes, the mission of Christianity is love, compassion and promoting equality and human rights. But in typical inane hypocrisy, the writer accuses the church of betraying its mission. But the church knows the murdering of preborn infants in utero is neither compassionate nor loving, nor the “right” of a mother. Not in the 21st century or any other.

Contraception and abortion were moral issues from the beginning. They were always wrong. No amount of recent political hijacking can change that, and there is no need for the church to forgo tax-exempt status for teaching the truth about moral issues.

Sarah Zilbauer

Grand Island