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Letter: Kaleida Health erred on Corasanti decision

Kaleida Health erred on Corasanti decision

I find it absolutely reprehensible that Kaleida Health has reviewed Dr. James Corasanti’s application for clinical privileges and has decided to approve him, despite not directly hiring him at any of its facilities.

Although I am not a maven of medical law and procedure, the use of the phrase: “applied for clinical privileges,” implies to me that automatic approval is not given without the candidate meeting a number of criteria. I suspect one of those standards would have to be some type of moral accountability.

How could a respected organization with strong ties to the Western New York community allow this to take place in the back yard of Alix Rice’s home? Surely Kaleida could have stood on some ethical ground to decline the request of this individual to assist in resuming his normal life, when his victim remains dead.

It’s a rotten shame that Corasanti’s name will continue to be associated in any fashion to a health organization in this town – let alone one that prides itself in protecting the very life that the good doctor destroyed through his arrogance.

John Walker