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Letter: Students in suburbs need college aid, too

Students in suburbs need college aid, too

Children going to suburban schools are now being told that they could have gotten their college education paid for if they had gone to school in Buffalo and if their parents income was less than $75,000. If their income was higher, they could get at least $5,000 per year.

Isn’t it amazing that the American Civil Liberties Union went after the Boy Scouts and schools that said prayers or the Pledge of Allegiance for discrimination. Yet when free schooling for city students was discussed, they would not take action. Do we have a double standard here?

According to a recent News story, more families in the suburbs are living below poverty level than in Buffalo. The ACLU must feel suburban parents and children can handle loans that are sometimes in the six-figure range. The schools offering these programs can now raise tuition on other students to pay for this.

Al Michalski


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