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Letter: New York must lift ban on liquefied natural gas

New York must lift ban on liquefied natural gas

The Assembly needs to pass A4202 soon to bring New York up to speed with the rest of the country. This bill would lift the outdated ban on liquefied natural gas, allowing LNG fleets to operate and refuel in New York as well as equipment manufacturers and fueling station builders to do business here in our state.

Last March, the Senate passed a bill to rescind the ban on LNG that had been in place since 1972. A lot of changes have taken place in the last 40 years, significantly in the area of natural gas vehicle technology. Today, fleets are converting to LNG because it is cheaper and cleaner-burning than diesel.

New York is the only state with a ban on LNG, so these large fleets are bypassing New York to refuel in other states. Or they are not operating their cleaner trucks in New York but continuing to pollute our air at an alarming rate.

Although the bill has several co-sponsors and supporters, it is being held up by a few who just don’t understand they are only holding back New York State from environmental and economic benefits. Let’s tell our Assembly members to pass this bill so New York can join the rest of the country in the transportation revolution.

Craig Jackson

Coordinator, Clean Communities

of Western New York