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Super Handyman:

Summertime is a great time to do some indoor painting projects. You have more daylight to work with, and usually have more time off to complete your projects. Before masking, start saving plastic bags. You can use these, with tape, to cover doorknobs, lamps, thermostats and other obstacles that cannot be easily removed from the room. You even can cover an entire door with one if you want. Good luck, and have a super summer!


Q: I’ve been trying to get our house in better shape so I can sell it this summer. One snag I’ve had is cleaning the bathtubs. I had put stick-on slip guards on the bottom of the tub. They have been there for years. Now I can’t get them off. Should I just try to clean them, or do you know of a good way to get them off without ruining the tub surface? – W.E.

A: Try spraying them with WD-40, and give it a few minutes to soak in. It will help dissolve the adhesive. Be careful not to scrape the surface with a putty knife or razor. You might be able to try a plastic putty knife.

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: Our home has sliding closet doors. They are great because they don’t take up a lot of space in the room and then can be closed to make the room look neat, even when the closet is crammed full of stuff. The one thing I hate about them, though, is the banging sound they make when slammed. I put some stick-on felt bumpers on each door frame, and now the doors hit these and the sound is muffled. It sure was an easy fix, and it cost barely a dollar! – U.T.


Dear Kelly: My husband is retired now and loves to work in his shop. He is always making great things for the house. The only problem is that he can’t hear me when I need to get his attention. I bought a simple two-piece intercom. I put one unit inside the house and the other in his workshop. Now if I need him for something, I can just beep him and he will answer. He can call me, too, if he needs me. – J.G.


Dear Al: You’ll love this idea. I bought a whole box of antique door knobs at a flea market. Some were ugly, but there were a few that were really neat-looking. I shined them up and then glued dowels into the base of each one. I found a long plaque and drilled holes for the dowels. Then I glued the knobs onto the plaque and mounted it by the back door. It’s a great hat/coat rack. I want to make some more, and even have had friends ask me to make some for them, too. – G.M.


Dear Carrells: I prayed my air conditioner would make it another year but, when I fired it up this spring, nothing happened. I called the company who installed it to come and replace it. They took a good look at it and said it was worth repairing rather than replacing. Come to find out, fire ants had gotten inside the unit and built a large nest, which shorted a switch out. They removed the ants and replaced the switch, and now it’s working just fine. I LOVE these guys! – H.S.


So many of us have to use the gigantic, and ugly, plastic trash cans now. And if you have to put them in front of your home, even better, right? Well, now you can dress up your trash can with Garbage Pantz. They come in several designs and are stretchy to fit a variety of containers (32- to 45-gallon cans). They are tough, too, so they will last, and you even can put them in the washing machine if you need to. You also can order custom designs. So, if you have to put that ugly thing in your driveway or at curbside once a week, at least it can look better. Check it out at