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Batavia considers new rules on landlords

BATAVIA – Proposed regulations are facing resistance before the Batavia City Council and Genesee County Legislature.

The city wants new rules on landlords, while the Legislature hopes to license vendors of secondhand merchandise.

The regulations on landlords would punish residential code violations and frequent responses by police to deal with disruptive tenants.

Landlords contend that tenants do property damage and move on, leaving the landlord responsible for immediate repairs or remedies. Many tenants in subsidized units are Department of Social Services tenants who are not held responsible for damages. But, the landlords say, code violations by an innocent landlord often must be remedied within 48 hours.

A committee of landlords will meet with Council Members Luigi Cipollone and Rose Mary Christian to seek a solution to protect landlords who may not be at fault.

On the county level, opponents turned out to scrap a law that would license pawn shops, junk yards, coin sales and scrap metal dealers.

They contend that the proposed secondhand dealer legislation is complicated and that the handling of the paperwork would impose an added financial burden.

The bill, recommended by the legislature’s Public Service Committee, is back before the committee for fine-tuning. Law enforcement officials suggested the measure to help keep track of stolen property, since transactions would be registered with the Sheriff’s Office.