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UB Technology Incubator named best for life sciences

A Swedish startup has named the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator as the world’s top life-sciences business incubator that is based at a university.

The University Business Incubator Index, a company based in Stockholm that serves the incubator industry, studied 150 university incubators in 22 countries and measured their performance on 50 indicators. The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship in Houston was named the best overall university incubator.

UB’s Technology Incubator, located in the Baird Research Park on Sweet Home Road across from the North Campus, rated well for talent retention, post-incubation relationship and other factors, according to statements from the index and UB.

The incubator, which opened in 1988, rents office and laboratory space to entrepreneurs and startups and provides mentoring, training, grant-writing assistance and access to resources and expertise, according to the university.

More than 100 companies have gone through the incubator, and 84 percent of those graduates lasted for five or more years, UB reported. Its current tenants and surviving graduates employ 500 people and have annual revenues of more than $50 million.

The best-known of its 13 current tenants may be ONY Inc., founded by Dr. Edmund A. Egan II and the late Bruce A. Holm, both UB scientists, to market Infasurf, a drug that reduces the rate of respiratory failure in premature infants.