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Springville-Griffith turns down $1 offer for old bus garage

An offer to purchase the Springville-Griffith’s former bus garage for $1 was turned down last week by the school board, pending further investigation.

Superintendent Paul Connelly said Friday that the Christian Youth Core, a nondenominational group headquartered in Arcade, made the offer several months ago for the building on Route 240 and five adjoining acres.

The board had reservations, particularly about potential liability.

The building, a former airplane hanger, is no longer used to house buses because engineers said it was unsafe. Connelly said it was deemed structurally deficient and failed several tests. The superintendent said, however, that he was even more concerned about hidden problems, like what might lie beneath the garage, such as dumped chemicals or toxic waste.

The district’s new garage is on North Street, but Connelly said the east side of the old garage is still somewhat sound.

“We still used it as a staging area for wood, supplies and snow plow equipment. If we sold it, I’m not sure where we would house the stuff,” the superintendent said.

Connelly also said that if the district decided to sell the old garage, he would advise the board to first auction off a number of items in the building that he believes have value.

The school board asked administrators to get more information about the disposition of the property. The district has engaged a commercial real estate group to evaluate options regarding the building and property.