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Letter: State money is misspent on Buffalo Public Schools

State money is misspent on Buffalo Public Schools

The continued failure of the Buffalo Public Schools to turn out educated and functional youth is an ongoing problem, compounded by often disruptive home lives, fathers missing from the home, inadequate nutrition and mothers living in poverty. This feeds the depressing statistic showing that half of our publicly educated students do not graduate from high school.

For all the billions of state funds used to operate schools and finance mandated services and programs, the failure continues. Parents are given the option of moving their children to “better performing” schools yet these “better schools” are too few, or overflowing, leaving children stuck in a failing system.

Independent schools that now depend on tuition to operate would be a viable and practical alternative. The state pays out $18,000 per child per year for public school. The state pays around $400 per student per year in non- public schools, but as the state continues to mandate programs it has failed to reimburse 100 percent the independent schools, which are forced to cut services and raise tuition or close their doors. Why should parents be put under this burden of paying taxes and tuition?

These religious and independent schools educate nearly 500,000 children, save New York taxpayers $8.5 billion each year and have a superior high school graduation rate, with the vast majority attending local colleges.

Mary Wilson