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Letter: Not everyone in Clarence is a wealthy resident

Not everyone in Clarence is a wealthy resident

I am tired of reading about the “McMansions” in Clarence full of wealthy people willing to pay any amount proposed to fund our “great schools.” An overwhelming majority of Clarence voters resoundingly said “no” to this concept. Most residents do not own luxury homes or earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clarence covers large areas full of modest homes. Many of us moved to Clarence because the taxes were slightly less outrageous than other parts of Erie County. In no way are our taxes “low.” Higher taxes will drive property values down a lot faster than parents having to pay for their children’s private music lessons or sports activities.

Those of us living on fixed incomes cannot absorb a 10 percent increase in taxes. And, I don’t want to hear this is “only” $30 per month. That money would have to come out of some other household expense.

Maybe the schools (and other governing bodies) should face reality and live within their means like the rest of us must do. Or maybe the well-off parents and teachers who want to support the extras should just add 10 percent to their tax payments. There’s nothing stopping them from paying more than the bill!

Catherine A. Holmes