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Letter: Church should join the 21st century

Church should join the 21st century

If Bishop Malone of the Diocese of Buffalo wishes to politicize and strong-arm the laity from the pulpit of Catholic churches, then let the church relinquish its tax-exempt status.

This past Sunday’s edict from the bishop, read from the pulpit to parishioners, urged political action against Governor Cuomo’s rights for women bill. At issue is one provision on women’s health and abortion. The provision merely upholds what is federal law in Roe v. Wade. The scare tactics the bishop employs in regard to late-term abortions is a canard meant to repel.

The message of Christianity is to love one another, be compassionate, and promote equality and human rights. The bishop represents the male-dominated hierarchy of the church and we have seen the injustices done under the cloak of that hierarchy. Let’s get out of the 15th century and into the 21st. It is no wonder the numbers of American Catholics have diminished exponentially. And the call to religious vocations goes unheard.

The church hierarchy is still railing against and trying to prevent the use of birth control methods. That ship sailed a long time ago with 98 percent of Catholics using birth control. We are already awash is abused and hungry children. Where is the sanity and compassion? We need to move into the realities of life in the 21st century or the church will become irrelevant.

Lucia Sleight