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Five myths about grocery savings

Five myths about grocery savings

These five tips have been passed around for years, but the conventional wisdom is not always true.

1. The “family-sized” package is always the best value. Sometimes, a smaller package is cheaper, especially if you’re using coupons. Always compare by unit price.

2. Warehouse clubs always have the best prices. Save the warehouse club for purchasing things you use in great quantities and, even then, only if you can consume it before it expires. Because it can be hard to compare prices in a warehouse store, be sure you know what the best price is at other stores. Comparing prices is more difficult in a warehouse store, so do your homework.

3. Generic items are always the cheapest. Often, you can get a better deal using coupons to buy brand names.

4. End caps are where the bargains are. Sometimes, but they’re betting you won’t bother to walk into the aisle to compare prices. They also often place impulse purchases at full price nearby, hoping you’ll grab two complementary items together.

5. Sale items are always the best value. Often, the sale price is not much lower than the regular price or even priced higher than non-sale items. I’ve actually lifted up sale stickers to find a lower price underneath the sale price.

– Samantha Maziarz Christmann