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Letters for June 16

After fans turned on Miller, reader ashamed to be Sabres fan

I have rarely been more disappointed in Buffalo sports fans than those who chose to boo Ryan Miller off of the ice when the Sabres played the Rangers near the end of the regular season in April.

In a week in which people lost their lives and others were maimed and injured at the hands of terrorists in Boston and countless others died or were injured in the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, some fans rained boos down on a hockey player simply because he let in a few bad goals.

Buffalo fans pride themselves on being such great fans, but on this night, this claim was vehemently laid to rest.

For almost a decade now, Ryan Miller has been a credit to our community both on and off the ice. From his play to his charitable endeavors to his role as both a local and national spokesman for hockey, he has always conducted himself in a manner which should make all Buffalonians proud. And yet, he was serenaded with a chorus of boos for having the audacity to have an ‘off’ night.

I have been a lifelong fan of local sports, but, now, sadly, I am ashamed to admit to being a Sabres fan.

The free-agent signing period is approaching. If any free agent player winds up declining to come to Buffalo, the boobirds should look in a mirror and ask themselves if they were in this position, would they want to play in front of an arena full of front-running, bandwagon-jumping fans?

Dick Piechowicz


Sullivan’s column gives referees credit that’s long overdue

I just finished reading Jerry Sullivan’s great article about Mudd McGrath. It brought a smile to my face.

Kudos to all the local referees. They have to have the patience of Solomon, wit of Jay Leno, and a bodyguard to escort them to their car. All kidding aside, where would the games be without them?

Patrick Delaney


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