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Letter: Waterfront has become something to be proud of

Waterfront has become something to be proud of

This recent Memorial Day, I visited the Buffalo waterfront on Fuhrmann Boulevard. I can’t say enough abaout how impressed I was, and I just had to write and spread the word to Western New Yorkers. I urge them to drive over to see and enjoy what their tax dollars produced – a waterfront to be proud of. It’s awesome.

This public waterfront attraction has paved roads, Gallagher Beach, a pier (with no access charge), several small boat launching sites, paths to walk/jog/bike, benches to rest on, plenty of free parking and lovely landscaping.

By thinking out of the box, the riprap along some shores was utilized by placing stairs over the riprap and attached to a ramp to help access the water easily. I could not believe I was in Buffalo. Rather, I felt as though I was at some southern state waterfront.

The owner of Doug’s Dive restaurant has invested in landscape beautification. You can eat in or outdoors, have good food at modest prices, cleanliness throughout and, oh, what a view of the lake.

Thank you to the powers-that-be who persisted in their vision and brought this project to fruition. After years of waiting and not thinking I’d see this in my lifetime, Buffalo finally has a real jewel of a waterfront and future plans indicate there’s more to come.

Christine Andrews-Daniels