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Letter: Teaching profession must change with times

Teaching profession must change with times

Now don’t get me wrong. I truly believe teachers do a marvelous job teaching our children. The only problem is times have changed for everyone and the teaching profession has to change as well.

With school budgets run amok and residents trying to make ends meet, the time has arrived to establish a 12-month school year. Half the students January through June and the other half July through December. Teachers work a full year and administrators are no longer sitting in mostly empty schools during lengthy holiday and summer vacations.

What a savings to all taxpayers if half the school buildings would not be needed and maintained. The total number of school employees from teachers, administrators and support staff would be drastically reduced. Just think of the lower school tax bill and all the extra money that could now be used for a better education and afterschool activities.

Just think, schools would be able to add additional programs for the betterment of our children, tax bills would no longer be outlandish and the time and money consuming hand wringing about school budgets would be a thing of the past. What a novel idea.

Mark Neupert