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Interesting education bills going nowhere fast

When it comes to education legislation, I get interested when it looks like the a weighty bill shows real signs of gaining approval and changing the business of education. Otherwise, other stories tend to command my attention.

Aides to Republican State Sen. Mark Grisanti have been trying to stir up interest in the senator's success in getting various education reform bills passed in the State Senate. The problem is that they aren't yet going anywhere in the State Assembly.

This week, Grisanti got a bill passed in the senate that would give Buffalo voters to the right to vote directly on the Buffalo school district's education budget. Currently, voters have remarkably little input into the city schools budget process.

Grisanti has also introduced legislation calling for the annual election of city school board members to spur greater board accountability, and moving the board elections from May to November to increase voter participation.

The senator is holding a press conference at the W.J. Mahoney State Office Building this afternoon to encourage the State Assembly to pass these two latter pieces of legislation before the end of the state legislative session next week. In regard to the bill to have Buffalo voters approve the district budget, that bill hasn't left committee in the Assembly. It didn't leave committee last year either.

If any of these bills show signs of real movement in the Assembly, you'll certainly be reading a lot more about them in The Buffalo News. For now, we wait.

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