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Studio Hart show features art scenesters in mythical poses

Sixteen familiar faces from Buffalo’s arts community in mythical guises line the walls of the small Studio Hart (65 Allen St.) in “god-heads,” a new exhibition of paintings by Bruce Adams.

The show, which opens Friday as part of the Allentown First Fridays gallery walk (delayed a week because of the Allentown Art Festival), began with a visit from local artist and Squeaky Wheel director Jax Deluca to Adams’ studio to pose for an ongoing series of paintings called “Myths and Lies.” Deluca, known as much for her quirky sense of style as for her artwork and accomplishments at Squeaky Wheel, happened to bring a hat with rabbit ears and a bunch of carrots to the session.

“Wearing the hat, Jax bit a carrot and looked at me with one of her characteristic wide-eyed expressions that strike like lightning bolts out of the blue. I snapped a picture,” Adams wrote in a statement. He turned the photo into the painting, which he then named after the shape-shifting goddess Kaltes, and set out to produce a series of similar portraits of his friends, each with a unique mythical overtone.

Friday’s event, from 6 to 10 p.m. also features openings and events at Indigo (74 Allen St.), the College Street Art Gallery (244 Allen St.), El Buen Amigo (114 Elmwood Ave.) and Madonna’s (62 Allen St.). For more information, visit, call 536-8337 or look up Allentown First Fridays on Facebook.

– Colin Dabkowski