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Letter: New York tax return process needs fixing

New York tax return process needs fixing

I am not prone to complain, but waiting nearly 14 weeks for my New York State tax refund is ridiculous. What’s more disconcerting is the fact that I cannot get any information from the state tax department on when I will receive my $709 return.

I tried to electronically file my return in early February. It would not transmit the state return electronically because of an error that I could not find. I printed out the state return and mailed it. I figured it could take four to six weeks tops. What a mistake I made.

After six weeks, I went to the state’s tax return status website. It stated that it had no information on my return even though I received a certified receipt indicating that it had been received on Feb. 18. I managed to talk to a customer service representative who only told me that my return was entered into their computer on Feb. 25. Wow! On my last conversation on May 31, I confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my return,

Changes need to be made with New York State tax refunds including a law to impose an interest penalty on the state tax department based on the refund for any return not sent out within 10 weeks. And if there is any problem with the return, it should be noted on the website.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst