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Letter: Delaware Avenue traffic change is for the better

Delaware Avenue traffic change is for the better

I strongly disagree with the letter writer from Kenmore asking that the traffic on Delaware Avenue be restored to two lanes. First off he stated he was walking along Delaware when he observed the traffic tieup. Living in Kenmore, I have driven on Delaware numerous times since the change and have found no problem. I believe the traffic, because it has been forced into one lane, flows much more safely due to the reduced speed.

This portion of Delaware was never meant to be two lanes to begin with; drivers took it upon themselves to make it two lanes and I feel that was dangerous. There is now a parking lane and a turn lane, which finally allows drivers to turn onto side streets to take advantage of the free village parking lots behind the many businesses on Delaware. I believe the village and the Department of Transportation did the right thing by making these changes because it has been for the better and, more importantly, safer.

David Muscarella