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Comedian Bill Burr to perform at Kleinhans

Bill Burr is excited to come back to Buffalo. The last time the comedian was here, he went to the Anchor Bar – and it was only the second time in their history they ran out of wings. So he ended up at Duffs to get his fill of Buffalo cuisine. “I didn’t eat fried food for four months after that,” said Burr, who performs at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Kleinhans Music Hall.

On that same trip, he went to a Sabres game and a Bills game on the same day. While he was at the Bills game against the New York Jets, he was at the urinal and someone pushed him from behind. Most likely because he was wearing a Patriots hat. “I do respect the intensity, but I didn’t quite get it. I don’t hate the Bills. I hate the Jets, too and I love Bruce Smith. It was kind of like the Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton duel,” said Burr.

Burr hails from Boston, where a lot of the comics he started with achieved success, including Dane Cook, Joe Rogan, Greg Fitzsimmons and the late Patrice O’Neal, whom Burr remembers fondly.

“Above the Comedy Cellar in New York City is the Olive Tree Café and all the comics would gather there, and eventually everyone would end up sitting with Patrice,” Burr said. “And I remember at Patrice’s funeral an employee from the Cellar was there and told me how when he first met Patrice, he really hurt his feelings, but ended up loving him. That’s Patrice.”

Six years ago Burr started “The Monday Morning Podcast” on the advice of fellow comic Robert Kelly. Now one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts on iTunes, it features Burr ranting about his week and giving advice to listeners who email the podcast.

One of his recurrent rants focuses on banks. “I can’t believe people aren’t storming the banks. They are the worst. Thirty years to pay off a mortgage, I don’t get that,” Burr said.

Burr’s comedy chops were forged by fire. Famously (thanks to YouTube), one show stands out from six years ago. A raucous Philadelphia crowd started to boo him a minute into his set. So Burr put aside his material and riffed for 10 minutes on how unpleasant the people of Philadelphia are and they gave him a standing ovation. “I had a headache for six hours after that, but that’s what separates the quitters from people who really want to do comedy,” Burr said.

He jokes about his IMDb page being a quick read. While that may be true, it’s still impressive. Burr has worked on “Chappelle’s Show,” “Breaking Bad” and with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken.

“Working on the Dave Chappelle show was amazing,” he said. His opinion on why Chappelle walked away from his show is that certain people are cut out for Beatlemania and some people are not. “I think Dave just wanted to be able to walk down the street.”