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Bloomsday in Buffalo

Still haven’t finished reading James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” have you? That’s OK – there’s always next year. Until then, you can still be a Dubliner for a day at Bloomsday, the celebration of Joyce’s eternally beloved and confounding 1922 novel, held every year on June 16, the date that “Ulysses” made one of the most famous days in literature.

There are Bloomsday celebrations everywhere from Prague to Sydney to Joyce’s native Dublin, and since the University at Buffalo, of all places, houses the world’s largest James Joyce archive, the local celebration is epic in its own right. This year’s Bloomsday runs from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday in the Andrews Theatre (625 Main St.), and will feature period music, performances, a “Ulysses” reading guided by Buffalo State College professor Laurence Shine and other festivities inside and outside the theater. The event is free.

– Jason Silverstein