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Letter: No one can be both Catholic and pro-choice

No one can be both Catholic and pro-choice

When seeing the heading “Pro-choice Catholics” in the June 2 edition of the News, I knew it was a “must read” for me. We all have the right to be pro-choice, but it is a privilege to be Catholic. You cannot be both.

Upon reading further, it states that this “Catholics for Choice” organization “diverges from the church’s positions on issues such as abortion, sexuality and birth control.” And yet, “Catholics for Choice is not an organization officially recognized by the Catholic Church.”

The article also states that the “majority” of Catholics said that Catholic leadership is out of step with public policy beliefs. I, for one, thank God for that! One look around the world and it is evident that many “public policies” on many levels have been detrimental to the morality and standards that should hold all of us accountable.

In summary, there will always be those in the church who continually make attempts to change our tradition and what our doctrine clearly states. Catholicism is my greatest gift.

The tradition is awesome and the rules difficult to follow. That is my choice. If you do not agree, you have the choice to leave and pursue another that agrees with you.

Ilona Klein