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Letter: Government could use a multi-agency overhaul

Government could use a multi-agency overhaul

Amusing and ironic? Perhaps. Absolutely chilling and unbelievable? Without a doubt. The federal government corrupted by scandal upon scandal is crumbling to pieces under the “leadership” of an inept president.

The final outcome is unknown, but several issues are crystal clear: The IRS, a vindictive, arrogant, money-wasting agency, must be dismantled or totally overhauled.

The Department of Justice, which has been trampling on the Bill of Rights for five years, needs a new leader immediately and the State Department needs to fully and truthfully explain the massacre in Benghazi, and let the American people decide “what difference does it make?”

Finally, the president needs to evaluate his style of “ignorance is bliss” leadership, then do the right thing for the country. The fate of the republic is hanging by a thread.

George W. Radka