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Schumer sees potential new jobs for JPMorgan workers in Albion

As JPMorgan Chase prepares to close its Albion call center, Claims Recovery Financial Services, which has two locations in Orleans County, is considering hiring at least some of the workers facing unemployment.

JPMorgan Chase last week announced it would close its 413-employee call center in September, citing less need for the type of work those employees perform. The center, which is the village’s largest employer, helps customers in distress with their mortgages.

JPMorgan Chase said probably less than a dozen of the center’s employees would be kept on to perform the same work at another JPMorgan Chase location. And JPMorgan Chase noted that separately, it has about 150 job openings in the Rochester area.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., said Monday that he had spoken to Jodi Gaines, chief executive officer of CRFS, a post-foreclosure claims-processing firm in Orleans County, and said that Gaines told him her firm was “looking for a minimum of 178” new employees, and possibly more than that.

Gaines formerly worked at the Albion call center when it was under different ownership. In 2002, she launched her own company, which now employs about 550 people.

Schumer, who serves on the Senate’s Banking Committee, said he also spoke to JPMorgan Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon. He said he urged Dimon to give first preference for filling JPMorgan Chase’s 150 Rochester-area jobs to the Albion center’s workers. He said he also asked Dimon to take steps, such as staggering the layoffs at the Albion facility, to increase the chances that CRFS can absorb them into its workforce.

“He sounded quite positive, but he will have an answer for me in a day or two,” Schumer said. “But I am optimistic that we can actually make lemonade out of this lemon, by getting the vast majority of people employed.”

Gaines said of Schumer’s outreach to Dimon: “I’m very hopeful and encouraged by what Sen. Schumer is doing to try to help us out.”

While CRFS is not a call center, Gaines said she believes the JPMorgan Chase center has experienced, skilled workers whose abilities would transfer well to her business, with some additional training provided to them. “It’s transferable because they have the knowledge and they know the terms, they know the vocabulary” of the industry. CRFS has one location each in Albion and Medina.

“I do think there are going to be significant opportunities for the people who now work at the JPMorgan Chase Albion facility, either with JPMorgan or with CRFS or with a few other companies as well,” Schumer said.