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Letter: Emergency responders doing an incredible job

Emergency responders doing an incredible job

Police officers, firefighters and emergency response teams should all be congratulated on their risky choices of employment and/or volunteer work. I enjoyed reading the June 1 My View titled, “Career as police officer brings great satisfaction.”

After the daily grind and risk taking, yes, I am sure that the career of a police officer is one of much satisfaction and pride. I give credit to all emergency responders. Without them and their quick response, a lot more damage would be done. Twice in the past, I called 911 for personal illness along with domestic disturbance. The fast response and concern for my well-being was duly noted and I am grateful.

For many years, I was employed by the Pyramid Co. of Buffalo. In this customer service position, I got to know many security guards at Walden Galleria, some of whom are now officers of the law, along with Cheektowaga police officers. They are human just like everyone else. They have families to go home to after their work day is done. Sometimes they see things they wish they hadn’t, but it is part of their job. When an individual is captured after a wrongdoing, I am sure it is a great relief. However, I am sure they never let their guard down. I also know some correctional officers who are always watching their back. Public safety is the main concern of these workers.

While I resided in West Seneca, I was a member of the Certified Emergency Response Team. Here, I learned from others and took a CPR course, which I feel everyone should do. It may just save a life. I also attended the wonderful Citizen Police Academy and Citizen Fire Academy. They were both very educational. I am better off for having this opportunity to attend these free community classes. I now have a greater understanding and respect for police officers, firefighters and emergency response teams. These people save lives and put themselves in danger for the well-being of others and they should be honored for this.

Wendy Schreiner