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Niagara softball coach responds to criticism

I thought I’d take this opportunity to not demoralize anyone, as Sunday’s article did to me, but to share how different college athletics is these days and how the “sense of entitlement” is out of control.

When I played college softball from 1994 to 1997, my parents let me fight my own battles. If I had a disagreement with my coach, I had to go into the office and confront it on my own. Mom and Dad were not sitting by my side defending me, and they certainly didn’t go above anyone. You had to own up to your mistakes and face the consequence. In most cases, your parents were pleased that you were learning a lesson that would help you down the road. That attitude is long gone.

The difference between now and then? The Internet and money. Society will believe anything they see online. In coaching and teaching, it only takes one disgruntled kid to oust someone. They join forces with a couple other kids and begin their destruction.

With enrollment-driven schools, institutions need to focus on revenue and retention. Weak administrators are at the mercy of what some of these kids and parents demand. They are teaching young adults that it’s OK to lie in order to get your way. It works.

I love the game of softball and always will. However, I don’t have any desire to coach anymore. I have an old-school style, and it just doesn’t work with some kids and parents. I’m not willing to compromise my values just because the “me generation” has taken over. Everyone complains about this generation, yet their behavior is condoned. There are certain behaviors I won’t condone.

Who’s bullying who here? Seems like a double standard. Move on and enjoy life because it’s too short.

Ellie Chan