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What are you eating? Lean meats and good carbs for football strength coach

Buddy Morris is a rock of a man. The former Cleveland Browns, University at Pittsburgh and University at Buffalo football strength coach has a high motor and, since January, a new gig at New York Sports Center in Clarence.

That's what happens to a man on the move who falls in love with a Buffalonian, Monica Duncan, a fellow bodybuilder who helps him run the fitness center at Transit and Roll roads.

“If you go to our house, there's not chips, there's not junk,” says Morris, 56, who's training a growing number of locals as well as NFLers Nate Eachus, Scott McKillop and Nate Byham.

What basic diet have you put your NFL players on?

It ain't rocket science: Apple or Twinkie, you take the apple. We stress low-glycemic carbs: Sweet potatoes, vegetables, brown rice, even white. The issue off-season is basically from inactivity. They have to avoid fried food, high-glycemic foods, foods high in sugar. We always stress hydration. You dehydrate by 1 percent, you decrease work production by 17 to 19 percent, and that's significant.

What are the staples of your diet?

Lean meats: Fish, chicken, turkey. White rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, salads, fresh fruit, oatmeal, quinoa. One day a week, my wife and I just cheat. One night last week, we went to Carmine's (for Italian food).

– Scott Scanlon