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Letter: Stop picking on smokers, crack down on drinkers

Stop picking on smokers, crack down on drinkers

I read the May 31 letter about banning smoking in the Seneca casinos. Well, here’s a thought for the person who wrote that letter: Why don’t you stop breathing because of the pollution in the air and stop eating because of the chemicals in our food and water?

Why doesn’t the government ban serving and selling alcohol, or just put a very high tax on it like it does with cigarettes? Apparently, our government doesn’t care about our health; it allows the sale of cigarettes and alcohol because of the money it makes on them.

Why should the Senecas ban smoking in their casinos? There is a non-smoking area. If that’s not good enough, then go to a non-smoking casino.

Watch the movies and you’ll see that alcohol fixes sex, depression, anxiety, etc. Every movie condones drinking. So crucify the smokers and ignore the drinking that goes on in this country. There are more drinkers and alcoholics in this country than there are smokers. If you’re going to complain about smoking, then you better start complaining about these other bigger issues. Give me a break.

Sandy King

West Seneca