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Letter: Don’t use my tax dollars for political degradation

Don’t use my tax dollars for political degradation

On May 13, the Independent Democratic Coalition held a meeting to promote public financing of campaigns. These state senators believe that recent corruption developments create an ideal climate for campaign finance reform. Jeffrey Klein called public financing of campaigns “a window of opportunity” for reducing the role of big money in winning elections.

Klein did not point out that politicians win elections by degrading their opponents using smear, hypocrisy, outlandish claims and deception. Politicians fund their degradation using campaign financing. The winning politician is the lesser of two evils.

In my opinion, campaign finance reform should address how campaign financing is being spent. I am completely opposed to having my state tax dollars used for political degradation. Our politicians should win elections by demonstrating how they have been meeting high standards for performance and quality. This is how my organization wins customers.

Michael F. Patterson

Clarence Center