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Letter: Severe penalty needed for all who stalk others

Severe penalty needed for all who stalk others

State Sen. Timothy M. Kennedy has proposed legislation, called Jackie’s Law, that would make it a Class E felony to stalk a victim by installing a GPS device, with a prison sentence of up to four years. Any person accused of stalking should be included in this legislation.

Deranged people who stalk others need a severe penalty. The proposed law will be of great assistance to both the victim and law enforcement in the fight against domestic abuse and violence. Once a victim escapes the clutches of the narcissistic abuser, he becomes obsessed with “getting back his possession.” The stalker is mentally unstable and no one knows what will send him over the edge. Case in point, the tragic death of Jackie Wisniewski.

To be stalked by a potentially dangerous individual is terrifying. You are stalked at your home, at your place of employment and at school. Your car may be sabotaged and you may receive threatening phone calls at all hours of the day and night.

Bullies do not respect authority, however, they are afraid of it. They are basically cowards. Severe penalties, mandated anger management and psychiatric evaluation may cause offenders to reconsider such terrifying actions and help to stop this scourge on society.

Sharon R. Gerbracht