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Clarence's Armstrong taken in third round, Amherst's Heim in fourth, in MLB draft; with the history of WNY HS picks

By Keith McShea

Today was a momentous day for Western New York baseball as two high school players were selected in Major League Baseball's First-Year Player Draft. 

Clarence pitcher Mark Armstrong was selected by the Cincinnati Reds in the third round, 104th overall.

Amherst catcher Jonah Heim was taken by the Baltimore Orioles in the fourth round, 129th overall

Below are the Western New York players who were drafted as high school players, according to's database (the search is set for players from New York; many are from NY colleges).

This list includes last time a player was selected (Hoppy in 2009), the last time a player was selected as high as Armstrong (Rehbaum in the second round in 1979), as well as back to the last time a Western New Yorker was taken in the first round out of high school (Matt Winters, who is listed as being from Williamsville, in 1978).  

2009 Kyle Hoppy, Orchard Park; 28th round by the Orioles

2003 Ricky Brooks, North Tonawanda; 11th round by the White Sox

1999 John Andrianoff, Portville; 19th round by the Astros

1996 David Wesolowski, Williamsville North; 15th round by the Marlins

1996 Aaron Bouie, Albion; 33rd round by the Rays

1996 Gerald Perkins, Roy-Hart; 71st round by the Marlins

1989 John Vandemark, Lockport; 62nd round by the Astros

1983 Louis Monte, Bishop Turner; 29th round by the Yankees

1980 John Sullivan, Grand Island; eighth round by the Athletics

1980 Mark Gabriel, Niagara Catholic; 24th round by the Pirates

1979 Chris Rehbaum, St. Joe's; second round by the Indians

1978 Matt Winters, Williamsville; first round by the Yankees

1978 Kevin Martin, Falconer, sixth round by the Tigers

1978 David Rosenhan, West Seneca, 10th round by the Pirates

1977 Michael Ickowski, JFK, sixth round by the Yankees

1977 Richard Broas, Tonawanda, 15th round by the Brewers    

1977 Brian Fisher, Tonawanda, 20th round by the Brewers

1976 Bill Scherrer, Bishop Ford, sixth round by the Indians

1975 Richard Lipp, Grand Island, 22nd round by the Phillies

1974 Philip Scaffidi, St. Joe's, ninth round by the Pirates

1974 Richard Oliveri, Bishop Fallon, 15th round by the Dodgers

1974 Michael Rodriguez, Grand Island, 18th round by the Athletics

1973 Dave Geisel, Tonawanda, fifth round by the Cubs

1973 John Weber, LaSalle, 11th round by the Rangers

1973 Paul Anthony, Lancaster, 29th round by the Pirates

1972 Rick Manning, LaSalle, first round by the Indians

1972 Doug Zavodny, McKinley, 38th round by the Pirates

1971 Michael Scaglione, Cardinal Mindszenty, fourth round by the Pirates

1971 Kevin Kobel, St. Francis, 11th round by the Brewers

1971 Marvin Otto, Starpoint, 16th round by Tigers

1971 Edmund Besch, Orchard Park, 33rd round by the Tigers

1970 Kenneth Waiss, Depew, second round by the Pirates

1970 Phil Mankowski, Bishop Turner, ninth round by the Tigers

1970 Michael Mooney, Cardinal Dougherty, 10th round by the Red Sox

1970 Craig Paterniti, Falconer, 21st round by the Indians

1970 Joseph Lang, Cardinal Dougherty, 23rd round by the White Sox

1970 Steven Strack, NIagara Falls, 29th round by the Tigers

1970 Timothy Pierce, Kenmore East, 32nd round by the Tigers

1970 Michael McGuire, Amherst, 36th round by the Mets

1969 Dave Criscione, Dunkirk, fifth round by the Senators

1969 Joseph Panele, LaSalle, 36th round by the Mets

1969 Joseph Levulis, Frontier, 39th round by the Pirates

1969 Daniel Wolfe, Cardinal Mindszenty, 41st round by the Senators

1969 Leonard Jankiewicz, Lancaster, 42nd round by the Pirates

1969 Gary Gaiser, West Seneca, 44th round by the Pirates

1969 Donald McLeod, Niagara-Wheatfield, 45th round by the Mets

1969 Edward Spoth, DeSales, 47th round by the Pirates

1969 Loren Marz, Cassadaga Valley, 48th round by the Senators

1969 Charles Prorock, Newman, 51st round by the Mets

1968 Martin Cott, Hutch-Tech, first round by the Astros

1968 Robert Hoepfinger, Timon, 25th round by the Red Sox

1968 Michael Balogh, Cardinal O'Hara, 27th round by the Giants

1968 Douglas D'addario, Kensington, 37th round by the Yankees

1967 Larry Rybicki, Niagara Falls, 11th round by the Angels

1967 Richard Wurstner, Bishop Turner, 14th round by the Braves

1967 John Hathaway, Fredonia, 29th round by the Indians

1967 David Harter, Cardinal Dougherty, 30th round by the Orioles

1967 Daniel Carroll, Grand Island, 31st round by the Tigers

1967 Joseph Bienko, Dunkirk, 62nd round by the Indians

1966 Thomas Dryja, Riverside, 13th round by the Reds

1966 Bob Buchanan, East, 21st round by the Tigers

1966 Robert Robbins, Gowanda, 35th round by the Yankees

1965 Edward Cott, Nichols, 18th round by the Phillies

1965 Jerry Burgess, North Tonawanda, 19th round by the Athletics

1965 Paul Mankowski, Buffalo HS (listed as such at, 31st round by the Twins

1965 Ray Peters, Nichols, 28th round by the Tigers

1965 Gary Shephard, Duffy, 35th round by the Athletics

Note: This year's draft lasts 40 rounds; as you can see, the draft went 70-plus rounds in earlier years. 

* * *

Further review of the database, this year is unprecedented. 

There has never been a draft (which dates back to 1965) in which two Western New York high school players were drafted in the first five rounds. 

It appears that there were two -- actually three -- Western New York high schoolers taken among  the top 10 rounds in 1970: Kenneth Waiss of Depew (his hometown/high school is actually listed as "DePew," but I didn't dig up anything that said there was an alternate Depew in NYS) was taken in the second round; Bishop Turner's Phil Mankowski was taken in the ninth round; and Cardinal Dougherty's Michael Mooney was taken in the 10th. 

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