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Channel 2 reporter winds up at hospital after earpiece gets stuck on first day

Did you hear the one about the new Channel 2 reporter who ended up in the hospital after doing his first on-air report?

The reporter, Danny Spewak, will be hearing about it for the rest of his career.

Spewak, who arrived this week from KOMU in Missouri, was on the Channel 2 set Thursday after doing his first story for the NBC affiliate about the new app the NFTA has to report crimes on its buses or rail system.

News Director Jeff Woodard said that Spewak has not been at the station long enough to get a customized, fitted earpiece so he pulled a spare out of a Channel 2 drawer.

Not a good idea.

After he finished his report, Spewak couldn’t get the earpiece out his ear canal. After a few unsuccessful minutes trying to remove it, Spewak was sent to Erie County Medical Center for assistance. Woodard said it took about five minutes at the hospital to get it out.

Spewak had fun on Twitter addressing his embarrassing moment.

“A Cubs player once got hit by a pitch on his first at-bat and didn’t play for seven years,” wrote Spewak. “I at least had a better first day than him.”

Woodard did say Spewak’s debut was one for the record books.

“I’ve been here for 15 years, and this is the best first-day story I have ever heard,” said Woodard. “He’s fine, no one’s hurt, nothing happened on the air. It is a funny story that he’ll remember the rest of his career.”

Spewak said late Friday afternoon that he’s “feeling great.”

As to why he headed to Twitter on Thursday night after the incident, Spewak added: “You have to be able to laugh at yourself when something embarrassing happens.”