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What a hospital food service director eats

Kathy Kubiak-McAlpine and her work as food service manager at Kenmore-Mercy Hospital will be featured Saturday in WNY Refresh. As an entree, here’s a taste of how she eats:

"I eat breakfast and lunch at the hospital every day," she told me. "For breakfast, I stick with my oatmeals and a piece of turkey sausage, the fruited yogurts. For lunch, I stick to a cup of soup and eat my larger meal in the evening. I love the Food Network and get most of my ideas from there.

What’s your favorite health food?

Kale chips. You have to put Parmesan cheese on them and add a little flavor, but they’re pretty good.

The food that’s hard for you to resist?

Potato chips. Cheese.

Are you doing any cooking classes at the hospital?

It’s something I want to look at, especially as far as using the patient TVs to have the chefs cook some of our menu on TV, make it educational.

– Refresh Editor Scott Scanlon

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