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County Clerk wants pistol permit website closed

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs wants Google to shut down a website that lists the names and addresses of pistol permit holders. More than 9,000 Erie County residents are listed.

Jacobs announced Thursday that he has sent a letter asking Google to voluntarily close access to the website formerly known as, which listed information from the State Police Pistol Permit Bureau as of April 5, 2010.

Although that website now is defunct, Google and other search engines allow access to its data via another website. Jacobs contends that, although the information was legally acquired through a Freedom of Information Law request, New York’s new gun law prohibits such requests and posting such information is illegal.

Jacobs added that the site infringes on the privacy of pistol permit holders who have filed the new “opt-out” forms. He said he expects other county clerks across the state will join him in a lawsuit if Google does not close the website.