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Letter: Support efforts to end mistreatment of women

Support efforts to end mistreatment of women

I found it interesting that The News printed two articles on May 28 focusing on the treatment of women; one about women in the U.S. military and another about Afghan women. Both cultures resist efforts to allow women full and open access to legal redress of their grievances. Both claim the importance of maintaining the current culture for the sake of their values and good order. Both resist change and continue to nurture their traditions anchored in their history rather than open themselves to change.

We should honor and support Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Fawzia Koofi in their efforts to make important and needed changes in these cultures. To those who justify repressing women based on religion, we should remind them that religion coerced is no religion at all. To those who justify the denial of women’s rights based on order and command, we should remind them that they are undermining the very freedoms they claim to protect.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “To be well adjusted in a wrong situation is very bad.” Those in authority have the opportunity to correct these wrongs, and the content of their character will determine whether they resist or change.

Wayne Whitaker