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Letter: Proposed tax increase in Clarence was tolerable

Proposed tax increase in Clarence was tolerable

Contrary to Donn Esmonde, the recent Clarence 9.8 percent tax increase did not “blow my gasket.” As a resident in the Clarence School District, it seemed tolerable since the last five school tax increases were very low.

Esmonde praises Roger Showalter, who in effect wants to destroy the successful formula that has kept Clarence school taxes among the lowest in Western New York. At the same time, Business First has rated Clarence schools No. 1 in cost effectiveness and No. 2 in academic success.

Showalter, a big businessman, seems more concerned about taxpayers in school votes than he is about taxpayer money being spent on subsidies and breaks to big businesses. The misinformation he and his associates sent to Clarence voters before the budget vote was right out of the Koch Brothers ALEC/tea party textbook.

Michael Hilburger