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Letter: Assembly must remove Silver as speaker now

Assembly must remove Silver as speaker now

There is no silver lining for those under attack at the State Capital. How can Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver try to move legislation for women’s rights when he should be removed for how he allowed female Assembly staff to be treated? After watching the situation regarding his leadership in the Assembly, I am disappointed that more Democrats have not stood by the women who were victimized by sexual harassment and molestation from sitting Assemblymen.

One wonders: What has become of Teddy Roosevelt’s New York State People’s House when we now have a Legislature filled with cowardice? I am proud of the two leaders from South Buffalo who stood independently against Silver – former Assemblyman Mark Schroeder and Assemblyman Mickey Kearns. Assembly members should think about pausing to make reforms and follow their hearts. Bring back hope to Albany; get rid of Silver.

Mike May