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Hazardous waste site is not health threat, DEC says

TOWN OF NIAGARA – The SKW-Newco hazardous waste site off Witmer Road no longer poses a threat to public health, the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced Tuesday.

Contamination remains in soil and groundwater at the site, but the water is not used for a drinking water supply, and the contaminated soil is buried well enough that it is no longer a hazard, the DEC said in announcing the reclassification.

The 9.76-acre landfill site was owned by the Vanadium Corp. from 1920 to 1964.

It borders on two larger hazardous sites, all of which were used for dumping of slag from heavy metal production. CC Metals and Alloys currently owns the site.

The company is the corporate successor of SKW Metals and Alloys, which bought the property from Airco Carbon in 1979.