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Cuomo finally shows his cards on abortion bill

By Tom Precious

ALBANY -- It's been five months since the governor talked in his State of the State address about a women's equality agenda and its most controversial element: protecting abortion access in New York.

So how does the Cuomo administration finally unveil the wording of his proposal? In an op-ed piece in today's Albany Times Union, which will be followed up by a news conference this morning at the Capitol.

Mylan Denerstein, writing on behalf of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said in the op-ed that the abortion bill will not include an expansion of any current rights. "The state shall not deny a woman's right to obtain an abortion as established by the United States Supreme Court in the 1973 decision Roe vs. Wade,'' the bill language states. She said it will also confirm the Roe decision that a woman can obtain an abortion "when the fetus is not viable or when necessary to protect a woman's life or health as determined by a licensed physician.''

The governor has said the bill is necessary to codify the Roe decision into New York law in the event the decision is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. But conservative courts since 1973 have had opportunities to go after the Roe decision, and haven't, and New York permitted abortions years before the Roe decision.



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