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Letter: Tax credit would boost education investment

Tax credit would boost education investment

The Assembly has an opportunity to increase private investment in public and private education by approving the Education Investment Tax Credit, which has already passed in the Senate with wide bipartisan support.

While working to lessen the burden on school property taxes by creating new revenue from private sources, the plan could aid in saving public school programming that is all too often at risk of being cut, like music, art and athletics.

Additionally, as many lower- and middle-income families in the region have struggled to get through the multiyear downturn in the economy, fewer are able to afford private school tuition, putting a greater burden on the local public school systems to serve a growing number of new students formerly enrolled in private schools. Local school districts are already struggling to serve the students they have with budgets being squeezed by skyrocketing pension, health care and other expenses while existing sources of revenue are drying up. Donations to scholarship organizations supporting these students would help to curtail the burden being placed on public education.

For decades, the Assembly has been a champion of promoting investment in education, and adopting this plan would do just that.

Jim Iglewski